WFUV Radio

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  • WFUV Radio

WFUV is a university sponsored Radio station in New York City with over 1.5 million monthly views.

Integrations with streaming, iHeart Radio, NPR and several other services. The back end handles many complex business needs such as expiration of content via DMCA guidelines.

Thousands of pages were migrated from two separate sites as The Alternate Side and WFUV merged.

The project was spearheaded and designed by Matt Dutra with Rubic Design Interactive @mdutra. Featuring a Responsive, cross platform design and complete overhaul of previous content types & information architecture.

The core issue of the project was updating the infrastructure and providing stability. With aging architecture and very large traffic spike on underpowered servers, WFUV was crashing multiple times a day. A new architecture and updated platform using a combination of new caching strategies and Varnish. WFUV can now easily handle traffic surges with over 250 concurrent users.


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