Local Town Pages

Local Town Pages is a group of several related sites that provide differenct services. Local Town Pages is the site that aggregates all of the local newspapers. The newspaper sites are moderated and have differing levels of permissions for content generation. They are also all linked to the clients other properties with the coupon site and phone site.

Local Town Phones is an online phone site, users can restrict searches per town or search the whole site.
The site owner can set up advertising for business owners. Businesses can be categorized by geography, business, or site wide banner advertisements.
This site is part of a larger network of sites including the coupon site and newspaper sites below.
Local Town Coupons is a website that allows business owners to update offers for their customers.
The Welcome Home is project included the need to email advertisers a list of where their advertisements were sent. Already at 15 towns; 40 advertisers; and 300 listings a month it was becoming unsustainable to build the lists by hand as they were all unique. Welcomehomepages.com implements an elegant solution that allows the client to upload the new listing file and notify all his advertisers and they can download a list that is custom to them that is automatically generated by the site saving ten - twenty hours a month already and more as the program grows.